Frequently Asked Questions

Can we stay for more than one night?

Yes! You can book for up to four consecutive nights (we're only open Thurs-Sun)
Though the Marin room is the only room with a shower in the room, we can arrange access to a shower for guests staying multiple nights in the other rooms as well.

How far in advance do we need to book?

It depends on how flexible you are.
We usually have rooms available each week, it's common for Saturdays to be booked 6 months in advance. If you have a special day or room in mind, you might want to plan at least a month ahead.

Is the parking area safe?

The Pt. San Pablo Yacht Harbor, though it looks a little worn, is a very safe place. The harbor owner has installed security cameras, and vigilant year-round residents take pride in keeping a sharp eye on everything in the harbor.

Will I get seasick?

Probably not.
The boat ride from the harbor is usually pretty short, and pretty flat calm.  However, sometimes it can get a little bouncy, with sea spray when there is a west wind.  In that case, we do everything we can to keep dry, but sometimes you will still get wet.  In any case, if you are prone to seasickness, it will be over soon, as it's a short ride and we have never had a guest have a problem.

Is the island ADA accessible?

Unfortunately not.
We are unable to accommodate guests in wheelchairs, as there is no way to safely load such guests from the boat onto the dock on the island side.  There is a 4-12ft vertical ladder (depending on the height of the tide). Once on the island, the buildings all date from the 1870s and have multiple steps.

What's the ladder like?

It's like climbing out of a pool.  Sometimes a deep, empty pool.

What is the foghorn like? When does it run? Is it bothersome?

The modern foghorn is a medium-pitched electric horn.  It has been described as "soothing" by some guests.  If you are a light sleeper, you may hear it throughout the night. The horn sounds every 20 seconds from October 1 to April 1 from the southwest corner of the island (not from the fog signal building--only the antique horn is located there).  We put earplugs in all the rooms when the horn is sounding, but they only get used about 10% of the time--so the horn apparently doesn't bother most people.

Can I bring my children to stay on the island?

Unfortunately no-- due to safety and accommodations.

Unless you book the whole house and/or special arrangements are made in advance, we are an adults-only establishment for overnight guests.  Because of the communal dinner we serve, children at the table would really change the atmosphere.  We hope you understand.

If you book the whole house, you can bring whoever is capable of climbing the ladder unassisted (Age 18 & up-- NO EXCEPTIONS).

Children are NOT welcome for Day Use due to safety concerns.

What about pets?

Sorry, pets are not allowed on the island

Why can't I take a shower unless I stay more than one night?

Unfortunately, water is in extremely short supply on the Island.  We rely on a rainwater catchment and cistern to meet all of our water needs, and once the skies dry up in May, we don't know when we'll get our next resupply.
The good news is that it doesn't seem to bother most of our guests much, if at all.

Do you have phones in the rooms? What about computers & the Internet?

Actually, there is no wired phone service at all on the island.  Cell coverage can even be spotty (even with Verizon).  We don't have computers or internet available for guest use -- coming to East Brother really is like going back in time!  All there is to do is enjoy the food, the views, the wildlife, and the company.

Do you have a hot tub?

We wish!  But in the wintertime, we do have a fire roaring in the parlor fireplace.

Is smoking permitted on the island?

Smoking is permitted outdoors only, and butts must be disposed of in the proper receptacle.

Critical Work Continues!

Much work is left to be done, including replacing and upgrading service equipment at both the land side and island side of the cable termination, all of which is in progress.

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Innkeepers Search Closed

The period to apply for the 2021 Keepers of East Brother Light Station is now CLOSED. Thank you to all who applied!

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“You can sit and watch big ships and little seals cruise by, or gaze at the reposing birds or the rushing tide below the dock. There’s a sense of intimacy here and a feeling of remoteness, even though it’s just a short distance to the mainland.”

- Doug McConnell, Bay Area Backroads